How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor

Foot odor is a condition that many people have but they are embarrassed of it. It could be brought about by bad hygiene practices or issues within the body. Here are some of useful tips that people with foot odor can use to get rid of it.


Personal hygiene is important in the process of eliminating foot odor. The feet should be washed twice a day and completely dried. If they remain wet and shoes or socks are worn, the wetness could bring about the foul smell. Those who have sweaty feet are encouraged to wear sandals or open shoes in order to counter this problem. The moisture facilitates growth of bacteria that will worsen the problem.


Vodka has alcohol which is an antiseptic. The antiseptic dries immediately, therefore, eliminating the odor. People are advised to take a piece of cloth and soak it in vodka then use it to wipe the feet. The antiseptic properties will aid in killing the bacteria and fungus causing the odor.

Foot Sprays

There are foot sprays that keep the feet dry. They absorb the sweat, and the feet are kept dry and fresh. The foot sprays are available in the market at an affordable price. It is advisable to spray the feet at least three times in a day depending on how much the users sweat.


Deodorants are also a remedy to foot odor. They help in reducing the sweat .Sweating causes odor because of the bacteria and fungus that get comfortable in the moisture. The deodorants should be applied in areas that have a high friction between the feet and shoes. Some people go through surgery to eliminate sweating but is costly and not everyone can afford that. Trying out deodorants is highly encouraged because it is a safe method too.

Electric Treatment

fxcfcxfxcfsxcfThis is a procedure that involves placing feet in a pool of water and then subjecting them to an electric current. This is done to reduce the general body sweat therefore minimizing or eliminating foot odor. This activity can be conducted three times in a week to achieve maximum results.
Having foot odor is nothing to be embarrassed about. It does not mean that one is not hygienic. Therefore, individuals with foot odor should seek treatment or use the above tips so that the problem can be minimized or completely eliminated. They are worth a try.