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Why Too Much Alcohol Will Kill You

Alcohol has been taken for centuries in many civilizations. It is a dangerous psychoactive substance that is very addictive. Too much alcohol use causes an enormous social, economic and disease burdens in many societies. Are you wondering why too much alcohol will kill you? Its worth noting that with the massive consumption of alcohol, it poses a significant risk just like other dangerous drugs that can kill you. The problem is that too much use of alcohol comes with devastating effects, which is why it is considered the deadliest drug by some people. Some life-threatening conditions that alcoholism can cause include:


anaemiaIf you are a heavy drinker, you won’t have sufficient red blood cells to transport oxygen into your body. In the end, you will suffer from a condition known as anemia. Some of its symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, lightheadedness just to mention a few.

Cardiovascular disease

When you take too much alcohol, then the chances that your platelets might form blood clots resulting in the development of heart attack or stroke are very high. If you binge drink, then you double your chances of suffering from a heart attack if you previously survived from one.


Most people are not aware that drinking too much alcohol raises their chances of suffering from cancer. When you drink alcohol, the body converts it into cancer causing agent known as acetaldehyde that researchers say increases your risk of cancer. Some of the types of cancer associated with alcohol abuse include throat, mouth, esophagus, breast, larynx, and liver cancer. Apart from drinking, if you use tobacco then your chances of suffering from this deadly disease double.

Liver cirrhosis

liver diseaseMany alcoholics suffer from liver cirrhosis because alcohol causes toxicity in your hepatocytes or liver cells. The toxicity occurs when your liver becomes heavily scarred to function. Predicting if you will get liver cirrhosis can be challenging because some people drink heavily and never suffer from it. Studies confirm that women are prone to liver cirrhosis compared to men.

High blood pressure

The nervous system is responsible for controlling the constriction and dilation of your blood vessels when  reacting to stress, temperature changes and so much more. Unluckily, alcohol disrupts the normal function of your blood vessel and in the end, raises your blood pressure. Other life-threatening conditions like stroke, kidney disease, and heart disease can arise from the high blood pressure.

Nerve damage

If you involve in binge drinking or any other form of heavy drinking, then you raise your chances of suffering from a type of nerve damage called alcoholic neuropathy. It causes the victim to have a feeling of painful pins and needles, numbness in the extremities, erectile dysfunction, muscle weakness, constipation among other pressing issues.


sick personIf drinking cant cause stomach irritation it doesn’t mean that it can cause inflammation in your pancreas. When you suffer from chronic pancreatitis, you might have issues with your digestive system and can continually diarrhea and experience abdominal pain as a result. So try as much as possible to stay away from too much alcohol at all costs.