Hair Care

Taking care of the hair is essential. Other body parts can be hidden, but the hair can’t be protected. It is subjected to heat, dirt, air that is polluted and chemicals. It, therefore, needs proper attention so that it can prosper. Neglecting it will cause hair loss. Here are some tips that facilitate the growth and maintenance of healthy hair.

Apple Cider Vinegarfaccxfasxcsxc

Apple cider vinegar is used to give the hair a healthy body and making it bouncy. It makes the hair have a healthy and shiny appearance. It is a simple mixture of apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water that is used. The hair should be rinsed off completely to eliminate the smell of apple cider vinegar.

Olive Oil Treatment

Olive oil is used to give the hair a shiny look and to condition it as well. Honey can be added to the oil to give it a better look. The honey will make the results more valid. One cup of olive oil is enough. It is then rubbed inside the hair thoroughly and left for two to three hours inside the hair. High-quality shampoo should be used to rinse it off for better results.

Egg Treatment

Eggs can be used to condition the hair. It depends on the person; they can use the entire egg or just egg whites. One egg is enough. Egg whites are known to moisturize the hair. If people have dry hair, egg whites are a good natural remedy. Half a cup the mixture can be applied to the hair then rinsed off after twenty minutes with cool water. It’s nice to rinse thoroughly because eggs have a potent smell.


fsacssccsascHot water showers can be risky to the hair.  Same to appliances like blow dryers. Heat makes hair dry and weak because protective oils from the hair are removed. The water temperatures should, therefore, be observed in order to keep the hair strong and healthy.


Amla is used to control hair loss. It prevents hair loss efficiently. Amla powder can be mixed with eggs and castor oil to make a mixture that will be applied to the hair. The hair should be rinsed off after about half an hour with quality shampoo so as to achieve maximum results.
The hair should be taken care of. Good hair makes a beautiful face. In addition to the treatments to make it look healthy, it should be cleaned regularly.