• How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor
    How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor

Health Benefits of Good and Comfortable Sleep

Sleep deprivation is the leading cause of early deaths resulting from heart-related conditions which emerge as a result of poor psychological health in both men and women. Today, over 60% of the world’s population suffer in one way or the other with the side effects of sleep deprivation. These side effects affect the social life of the individual as well as their psychological health.

Things like stress and depression caused by lack of quality sleep affect the mental health of a person, in turn, affecting the normal functioning of the body cells causing illnesses and sicknesses. So, if you never valued quality sleep, its time you change your mind. Below are health benefits of good and comfortable sleep.

Better Sleep Improves Your Health

sleepingAn excellent heart is dependent on how much sleep you have on a day to day basis. Human beings are supposed to get at least 8 hours of good sleep per night. This is not only beneficial for your brain and psychological health it is good for heart health in general.

Diseases such as diabetes, stroke, blood pressure and other heart conditions can greatly be avoided by taking measures to increase the time of sleep in your sleeping schedule. This act may save your health and add years to your lifespan.

Good Sleep Improves Moods

Quality sleep is the key to good moods. The brain, which is an essential part of the body and the most vital part of the central nervous system, plays a crucial role in regulating hormones responsible for good moods and healthy functioning of brain cells. So, when you sleep well, the brain relaxes releasing hormones that promote happiness and good moods. If you feel off, bored or just tired, a good sleep will help get your moods back.

Quality Sleep Aids in Digestion

When we talk of digestion, we talk of everything from food absorption to digestion to excretion. All these processes work better with an excellent sleep cycle. Gastrointestinal disorders are kept off with quality sleep. Other processes involving the digestion system are well regulated when we prioritize sleep in our lives.

Reduces Stress and Improves General Performance

sleepingSleep has everything to do with a healthy brain. For humans to conduct their affairs with a focused mind free from stress and anxiety, they have to adopt a healthy sleeping schedule. In fact, stress and anxiety are the leading causes of poor performance both at work, at home, in life, relationships and also affects their critical thinking.

People who sleep better have a higher chance of making better decisions in life than those who are sleep deprived. Better functioning of brain cells is largely determined by the quantity of sleep you get on a regular basis. So, sleep more and enjoy the health benefits of quality sleep.


Regular sleep that is 8 hours plus is not a myth for improving your health and the quality of your life. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, setting aside time to relax and sleep is a sure way of guaranteeing quality life both mentally and physically.

alcohol effects

Why Too Much Alcohol Will Kill You

Alcohol has been taken for centuries in many civilizations. It is a dangerous psychoactive substance that is very addictive. Too much alcohol use causes an enormous social, economic and disease burdens in many societies. Are you wondering why too much alcohol will kill you? Its worth noting that with the massive consumption of alcohol, it poses a significant risk just like other dangerous drugs that can kill you. The problem is that too much use of alcohol comes with devastating effects, which is why it is considered the deadliest drug by some people. Some life-threatening conditions that alcoholism can cause include:


anaemiaIf you are a heavy drinker, you won’t have sufficient red blood cells to transport oxygen into your body. In the end, you will suffer from a condition known as anemia. Some of its symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, lightheadedness just to mention a few.

Cardiovascular disease

When you take too much alcohol, then the chances that your platelets might form blood clots resulting in the development of heart attack or stroke are very high. If you binge drink, then you double your chances of suffering from a heart attack if you previously survived from one.


Most people are not aware that drinking too much alcohol raises their chances of suffering from cancer. When you drink alcohol, the body converts it into cancer causing agent known as acetaldehyde that researchers say increases your risk of cancer. Some of the types of cancer associated with alcohol abuse include throat, mouth, esophagus, breast, larynx, and liver cancer. Apart from drinking, if you use tobacco then your chances of suffering from this deadly disease double.

Liver cirrhosis

liver diseaseMany alcoholics suffer from liver cirrhosis because alcohol causes toxicity in your hepatocytes or liver cells. The toxicity occurs when your liver becomes heavily scarred to function. Predicting if you will get liver cirrhosis can be challenging because some people drink heavily and never suffer from it. Studies confirm that women are prone to liver cirrhosis compared to men.

High blood pressure

The nervous system is responsible for controlling the constriction and dilation of your blood vessels when  reacting to stress, temperature changes and so much more. Unluckily, alcohol disrupts the normal function of your blood vessel and in the end, raises your blood pressure. Other life-threatening conditions like stroke, kidney disease, and heart disease can arise from the high blood pressure.

Nerve damage

If you involve in binge drinking or any other form of heavy drinking, then you raise your chances of suffering from a type of nerve damage called alcoholic neuropathy. It causes the victim to have a feeling of painful pins and needles, numbness in the extremities, erectile dysfunction, muscle weakness, constipation among other pressing issues.


sick personIf drinking cant cause stomach irritation it doesn’t mean that it can cause inflammation in your pancreas. When you suffer from chronic pancreatitis, you might have issues with your digestive system and can continually diarrhea and experience abdominal pain as a result. So try as much as possible to stay away from too much alcohol at all costs.


Possible treatments for sciatica

Are you experiencing a tingling pain in your leg that seems like it is coming from your lower back? Or, maybe it is even accompanied by numbness, making you feel weak and tired most of the time. If so, then you might be suffering from sciatica.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is actually a term for a symptom, which is a pain in the leg. It could be a sign of a certain health condition. That is why once you feel this, it is highly recommended that you go for a checkup as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may get worse, and it can limit your movement and other activities that you do on a daily basis.

Other signs of sciatica include constant pain in one leg, dull ache, pain that gets worse when you sit, sharp pain when you change position, and difficulty moving one of your legs. As you can see, having this condition can greatly affect your daily living. You won’t be able to perform your daily routine as you should. It may even cause restlessness at night and difficulty in falling asleep.

To treat sciatica, here are some things that you can do:

Get a good mattress

ghdhgd764As you lay in bed at night, the pain may get worse especially if you are not in the right position. With this, you should consider investing in the best mattress for people with sciatica. You can see the best available mattresses at http://uponamattress.com/best-for-sciatica-pain/. This special type of bed will surely help you a lot in getting the rest that you need during the nighttime.

Use a cold pack

A cold compress is commonly used to reduce the swelling of a certain body part that is injured. It is also useful in controlling the level of pain. And so, using a cold pack would be of great help if you are suffering from sciatica. You can also gently massage the affected area using ice cubes.

Perform light activities

Usually, when one is in pain, he or she would prefer to sit or lay in bed. This is not advisable though because it will only make the situation worse. The best thing that you can do is to perform light activities and exercises that you can handle.

Seek medical help

hgdhgd674If you feel that the pain is not getting better, then you should go see a doctor right away and seek medical intervention. Depending on the severity of the condition, you may even have to undergo surgery.


How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor

Foot odor is a condition that many people have but they are embarrassed of it. It could be brought about by bad hygiene practices or issues within the body. Here are some of useful tips that people with foot odor can use to get rid of it.


Personal hygiene is important in the process of eliminating foot odor. The feet should be washed twice a day and completely dried. If they remain wet and shoes or socks are worn, the wetness could bring about the foul smell. Those who have sweaty feet are encouraged to wear sandals or open shoes in order to counter this problem. The moisture facilitates growth of bacteria that will worsen the problem.


Vodka has alcohol which is an antiseptic. The antiseptic dries immediately, therefore, eliminating the odor. People are advised to take a piece of cloth and soak it in vodka then use it to wipe the feet. The antiseptic properties will aid in killing the bacteria and fungus causing the odor.

Foot Sprays

There are foot sprays that keep the feet dry. They absorb the sweat, and the feet are kept dry and fresh. The foot sprays are available in the market at an affordable price. It is advisable to spray the feet at least three times in a day depending on how much the users sweat.


Deodorants are also a remedy to foot odor. They help in reducing the sweat .Sweating causes odor because of the bacteria and fungus that get comfortable in the moisture. The deodorants should be applied in areas that have a high friction between the feet and shoes. Some people go through surgery to eliminate sweating but is costly and not everyone can afford that. Trying out deodorants is highly encouraged because it is a safe method too.

Electric Treatment

fxcfcxfxcfsxcfThis is a procedure that involves placing feet in a pool of water and then subjecting them to an electric current. This is done to reduce the general body sweat therefore minimizing or eliminating foot odor. This activity can be conducted three times in a week to achieve maximum results.
Having foot odor is nothing to be embarrassed about. It does not mean that one is not hygienic. Therefore, individuals with foot odor should seek treatment or use the above tips so that the problem can be minimized or completely eliminated. They are worth a try.

How To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone is afraid of getting old because it is associated with memory loss, aches in various parts of the body, slowing down, and losing sex drive among others. There are various lifestyle choices that young people are encouraged to make so as to enjoy their old age. There are old people who look young and healthy because they were keen on their lifestyle. Here are some tips that young people can use.


Exercising is important because muscles are improved and flexibility is improved. Sitting robs individuals off of their lives because the heart weakens. Muscles are weakened too and the posture is damaged. It is therefore, important to exercise at least thrice a week so that the brain and boy functions can be improved.


Nutrition plays a big role when it comes to how people age. Most of the diseases people get are as a result of the kind of food people eat. Many people lack the nutrients the body needs. People should ensure that they take in enough nutrients so that the body is healthy and strong.

Skin Care

Skin care is a big factor when it comes to how people age. It is important to have proper skin care so as to age gracefully. Proper skin care involves being on a good diet, exfoliating the skin, moisturizing it, and using the right products. There are products in the market that are harsh to the skin. Thy make the skin age faster because they get wrinkles and it gets saggy.


asdadasddsNo matter how busy someone is, they must ensure that they get good quality sleep every day. A minimum of seven hours of sleep is encouraged for the body to function correctly. During sleep, growth hormones and important hormones like testosterone are produced. Cells are also restored and the body forms new neural connections. Skipping sleep therefore has numerous negative implications on the body.


Water is very important to the body. In fact, our bodies are made of mostly water. Dehydration causes a lot of organs in the body to strain to perform their functions. The skin also becomes dull. Taking water causes it to glow even when one is aging.
Aging should not be scary to anyone. There are people who look better as they age because they are wise in their lifestyle choices. The above tips are a guide to aging gracefully.